World guitar with JP & Liza


Performing At

World Concert

Art Hike: Sun., Sept. 8


World Guitar. World Concert.

Flamenco, jazz and classical guitar band from LA performing at the World Concert.

International music/guitarist Liza Carbe and Jean-Pierre Durand during the Sunday, September 8 Art Hike.

Formed in the summer of 1999 by Jim Stubblefield, Jean-Pierre Durand and Liza Carbé, Incendio (“fire” in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) became a vehicle for the influences and compositional talents of the three musicians. Echoes of music ranging from classical, to jazz, rock, flamenco, Celtic and bluegrass, can be heard in Incendio’s music. It is no surprise that this eclectic blend of influences has led to a sound that is a truly unique. Incendio’s richly textured music is rooted in myriad sources: Carbé’s flamenco and classical guitar training as well as her Sicilian ancestry; Durand’s penchant for rock-style dramatics and his Peruvian heritage; Stubblefield’s European travels, and his  lightning-fingered neo-classical guitar mastery. Carbé’s deceptively graceful bass and guitar playing grounds Durand and Stubblefield’s dazzling twin-guitar attack, resulting in fascinating sonic explorations that take on an even greater dimension when joined with longtime friends – percussionist Bryan Brock, and drummer Nicole Falzone.

Touring the US from coast to coast from the California Worldfest, all the way to Vermont, NYC, Washington DC at the National Gallery of Art,, Incendio has also performed internationally at the Islands Folk Festival in Duncan BC and the Beishan world Music Festival in China. Incendio has produced 10 CD’s internationally, and have hit the Billboard, and currently have over 92 million spins on Pandora.

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