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Mumbo Gumbo Performs at World Concert

For 30 years, Mumbo Gumbo has been one of Northern California's most celebrated bands, releasing nine albums of original music and performing thousands of shows for devoted fans of all ages. From festivals to intimate settings, from park concerts to parties, this group of seven plus musicians creates community wherever they go.

Mumbo Gumbo, one of California's top musical groups bringing their "genre-bending Americana", a big musical stew of soul, zydeco, folk, blues, rock, Cajun, and country combines into their uniquely festive roots-music sound. Mumbo Gumbo is both an institution on the NorCal concert scene and an ever-evolving collective that can fill listeners with both joy and longing. They always make sure to leave their audiences dancing their hearts out. Fronted by two first-rate singer/songwriters, Chris Webster and Tracy Walton, Mumbo Gumbo is anchored and driven by one of the region's longest-lived rhythm sections: drummer Rick Lotter and bassist Lynn Michael Palmer. With Reggy Marks' sax, Jon Wood's guitar, and Steve Stizzo's keyboards fleshing out the band's expansive sound. Mumbo Gumbo has built a reputation not just for danceability, but for creative depth.

Mumbo Gumbo has also received numerous awards for their “genre-bending Americana” stew of sound, and for their years of support to charitable and community organizations.

Join Mumbo Gumbo this September for the World Concert at the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Series event.

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