Singer, Songwriter

Angéle Carroll

Performing At

Art Hike: Sat., Sept. 19


Angèle Carroll’s song Answers in the film Full Circle, honors all birds with that performance that it was specifically inspired by Raven, Stellar Jay and Green Towhee.
Angèle's earliest musical memories are of her childhood in Maine. She would sing and put on shows for her Grandma’s neighbors Jackie and Bea. Her Father would sing in the car driving around the back roads of Maine. Her Mother sang her lilting lullabyes. She received encouragement to sing from everyone in her life. Her Grandmother Cooper sent her to Choir camp which had intensive training and exposed Angèle to the beauty of singing Gospel Music.

Angele's voice is powerful and delicate. Listening to her sing always leaves me breathless.
— CL, Truckee, CA

Angèle has a strong belief in the power of music to heal. She was a guest singer for bands like Nectar, and Steve Simons Jazz Band. Angèle was fortunate to jam with musicians like T-Bird, Ike, and Johnny B. Goode. All of these incredibly talented artists imparted a great deal of wisdom and encouragement. Her passion is to bring joy, and healing with her music and to try to help the world be a better place everyday. I hope you enjoy her singing and recognize her tireless effort to sing only what is in her heart.

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