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About Our Founder

Nancy Tieken Lopez

Artist/Founder/Artistic Director

Collaborative strategies are integral to the work of Truckee artist Nancy Tieken Lopez, and are essential to her large scale Art Hikes in the Sierra Nevada. Her site-specific Art Hikes are a unique experience in natural environments integrating the arts and incorporating performance, music, poetry, dance and earthworks. Nancy received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southwest Texas State University and Masters of Fine Arts from San Jose State University. Her graduate studies included an emphasis in bronze sculpture and installation art that lead her to using more ephemeral materials in her earth installations. She began creating art hikes in nature while completing her Master of Fine Arts over twenty years ago, and founded the non-profit organization Trails and Vistas in 2004. In addition to being an installation artist, Nancy taught art to elementary school children for fifteen years for the California Arts Council and created community art projects that toured from California to Washington DC. Collaborative strategies continue to play an essential role in her work as a professional artist and art educator with her unique art hikes, earth paintings, and one of a kind art experiences.

Full Circle Film: The Full Circle Film takes the viewer on a lush and exquisite journey through the Trails and Vistas art hikes and will transport viewers to the heart of the Sierra mountains through collaborations of art, poetry, music, and dance in nature.  Tickets for students $15, family/adults $20. When you purchase a ticket for the film, you will receive a link via Ticketleap email to view the film in your home anytime.

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