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Update for 2021 Events:

Trails & Vistas strives to create a more sustainable and healthy world for all people across race, class, gender, geography, and other differences.
Hello Patrons,
I want to personally thank you, our patrons, for your patience and understanding in this unprecedented time. As the Founder and Artistic Director of a nonprofit organization that prides itself on educating and celebrating the arts in nature, sharing the decision to cancel our 2021 Art Hikes is a sad letter for me to write to our artists, our passionate volunteers, and to each of our patrons. There are several reasons for postponing the Art Hikes until 2022. Foremost, Clair Tappaan Lodge recently closed their facilities until 2022 due to public health concerns related to the increased spread of COVID Delta variant in Nevada County. By losing the use of Clair Tappaan’s trails so late in the season I was not able to secure an alternative trail needed to proceed with the Art Hikes.
Therefore, Trails & Vistas is cancelling the Art Hikes for September 11 & 12th, 2021.

In addition to losing our trail, the regional wildfires and recent worsening smoke has arrived. My heart goes out to all firefighters, people under evacuation orders, and all the forest animals and trees in the fires’ path. California wildfires and hazardous smoke in the Truckee Tahoe Reno region is currently unhealthy, and the USDA closed nine National Forests in Northern CA to keep us all safe.

I deeply appreciate the energy and efforts put forth by our amazing artists, board of directors, and volunteers who worked diligently in preparation for this year’s performances. Trails & Vistas is honoring each artist's contract, and the artists look forward to seeing you on the trail when we can gather again. We stand together in resilience and perseverance through these trying times with the confidence that the artistic spirit cannot be quelled, and the hope that we will all be fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful arts in nature again in 2022.

 Ticket holders: Please be aware that there are hundreds of patrons, dozens of artists and volunteers that are heartbroken. Please be patient as we work with Ticketleap Service. More ticket information will be coming soon.  With your support, we will return with art hikes in early summer of 2022 to hike among the wildflowers and blue skies. We are also planning our regular autumn weekend in September of 2022. We are partnering with Truckee Donner Land Trust and are excited to share new venues with you. In the meantime, please stay well and be safe.
Sincerely, Nancy Tieken Lopez
Founder & Artistic Director Trails & Vistas

Planning your art hike experience

General Information:
Art Hikes: Cancelled and postponed until 2022
Where:  TBD
Here are some of our safety measures already in place: Be KIND • Be responsible, be honest, and take care of your community.  •Each hiking group will have fewer participants per group, capped at 16 participants. •Art hike start times will be spaced farther apart throughout the day.•Participants will be physically distanced and masked at our check-in area as well as in restrooms and inside the lodge. The Host Sponsor will set safety guidelines for use of lodge and restrooms along with guidelines of the State of California. •Participants will have socially distanced “audience areas” during performances.NEW!! Build Your Pod Tickets are Group Tickets purchased for an entire block of time for up to 16 people.
Individual tickets/general public tickets for up to 16 people in each hiking group.


Location: TBD

Sponsors Contact the Artistic Director and Founder Nancy Tieken Lopez for more information about how to help the arts survive.

Where do I get my tickets?

All tickets must be purchased through our TicketLeap ticketing service. An email will be sent to you when you order your tickets. Print out the order and save the date and tour time on your calendar. If you forget to ticket receipt then just have a photo ID and check in 15 minutes before your tour start time.

If you forgot what tour you are on, then please contact TicketLeap
Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm EST.
877-849-5327 |

What time should I arrive and when does the art hike end?

2021 Art Hikes cancelled. Please arrive 20 minutes early to find parking and check-in. There is a start time on your ticket. Art Hikes should take 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete. Example: hike start at 10:00 am - 12:00 ending the hike. Plan to spend a 1/2 day on the mountain with amazing art in nature sites.

What should I expect attending the art hikes?

The Trails & Vistas Art Hikes are a time to reconnect to community, land, and our creativity. How does this transpire?  You hike in small groups with an interesting guide.  Whether it’s Mother Nature (she’s there) or another one of our beloved volunteers, will guide your way into a parallel universe with surprises along every turn.

The tradition of the art hikes has always been founded in connection to community, to the land around you, to the arts, and feeling more inspired upon each step. We are not a music festival, but want to create an experience of the environment through the arts that is open to all people, all ages. We wanted to focus on the purpose, the gathering and the evolution of human connection. The art in nature sites have been carefully curated and choreographed to most effectively help us in sticking to our foundational ideals with a focus on the interconnectedness to each other and the land around us.

Treat yourself to a few well-deserved hours breathing in the fresh mountain air while embracing an experience like no other. We ask that you capture the experience with your heart and memories. Thank you.

What is the trail rated?

The art hike trails we use are rated as easy to moderate with elevation gains. There are 7 art in nature sites along a 2.5 mile nature trail, starting at 7,035 feet elevation and will take around 2.5 hours to complete. If you hike in the Sierra Nevada, then you are fine, we have many stops along the way. If you hike in the valley, but need a slower paced walk, please select a Leisure Hike which is the same hiking trail, but a bit slower paced. We recommend staying at high elevation for 1 to 2 days before the art hike to aclimate to high altitude hiking.

Do you offer hikes for families?

Yes, The Art Hikes are designed for hiking with children, be playful and enjoy your experience. Tours 10:00 am Sunday, Sept. 12
Bring snacks and water for the little ones, sorry no strollers or pets.

Do you offer hikes for nature buffs

Yes, Naturalist Guided Hikes are offered to learn more about the land around you with a biologist or nature guide. Specialty hikes will be scheduled for the 2022 hikes.

Do you offer hikes with a slower pace?

Yes, Leisure Hikes are offered for a slower paced hike. More suitable for anyone that is a hiker, but may not acclimated to high elevation gains. The trail is rated as moderate with a dirt/rock single track trail. Leisure Hike is 12:15 Tour on Saturday, Sept. 11 and 11:20 Sunday, Sept. 12

Do you offer adult mindfulness hikes?

Mindfulness Hikes are offered for ADULTS ONLY - Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts and surrounding environment. Mindfulness Tours are sold out at this time.

Things to remember

Your purchase verifies agreement and understanding of Trails & Vistas Terms and Conditions.
Bring your printed ticket, or ID, to the event check-in table. We have a list with your name on it.
NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES ON TICKETS FOR WEATHER, but you can gift your tickets to a friend, family.
2) ALL TICKETS HAVE A HIKING START TIME AND AN ENDING TIME, example 9:00 am (start time) 11:30 (end time)
4) NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO- a day to walk in-tune with nature. There will be Trails & Vistas professional photographers along the trail.
5) SPARKY SHOULD STAY AT HOME- the art hikes are a family-friendly event, no pets.
7) RELAX, BREATHE, ENJOY! So leave your cell phone at home, camera at home. Please forward this information to everyone in your party. We strive to have each hiker well informed for a great experience on the trail.

What if I lost my ticket?

You may check in with your ID for your hiking tour time. We will have you on our list. Arrive 15 minutes before your tour begins.
If you forgot what tour you are on, then please contact TicketLeap
Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm EST.
877-849-5327 |

What should I bring?

Printed Ticket from Ticketleap with time and date. Bring ID if you lost your ticket
• Bring water/ snacks / joy
• Bring your Epi-Pen if allergic
• Bring bug spray if you wish (eco-friendly please)
• Bring and wear a mask when you are in public areas, or closer than 6 feet apart outside. We will update safety guidelines throughout the summer.
• Wear hiking shoes, no flip flops or sandals.
• Wear layers - chilly in the morning, warm sunshine in the afternoon.
• Don't forget your full water bottle! No drinking water source on site.
• Wear heavy tread closed-toed shoes for walking

What NOT to bring

Remember this is a time to unplug and reconnect. No photography, video or audio recording of artists without written permission from Trails & Vistas Executive Director Nancy Tieken Lopez, and fine artists. Capturing photos, video, or audio of the performance is strictly prohibited due to Equity Artists’ rules.
• No Cameras, video cameras (Trails & Vistas will have professional photographers and videographers on the trail)
• No Cell phones (no recording)
• No Illegal Drugs, and cigarettes
• No flip flops, please wear shoes designed for hiking
• No Animals or pets, except service animals
• Bad vibes
Please contact if you have a service animal

Where should I stay?

For travel deals, hotel reservations, information about Tahoe and Truckee’s attractions, local transportation, camping and more, visit and
Featured Lodging
Truckee Donner Lodge (Great location/Donner Lake)
Tahoe Vistana Inn in Tahoe Vista (Great location/Lake Tahoe)
The Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA (Award winning hotel in Truckee)
The Truckee Hotel (Historic Downtown Truckee Hotel)

What if it rains or the weather conditions are bad?

Cancelled 2021 Art Hikes
The art hikes will go on in rain and light smoke, please plan and dress for the weather including a poncho, good walking shoes, and warm/dry clothing.  In the unlikely event that a performance may be rescheduled due to weather/smoke/pandemic, management will take into consideration many factors when assessing the situation that presents itself during the day of the art hikes. Management reserves the right to alter the policy as necessary.  Should there be rain prior to the first art hike the coordinators are prepared to hold for rain up to one half hour. If the rain has stopped to a point where the instruments can be dried, the performance will occur. If the rain has not stopped by half hour after scheduled hike time, after consultation with host sponsor and Trails & Vistas management, some or all art hikes will be cancelled that day.

There are no refunds due to weather or smoke. Please note this is a general weather/smoke policy; The nonprofit of Trails & Vistas management reserves the right to alter the policy as necessary.

World Concert

The World Concert is a Truckee Tahoe Peace Project
Postponed to 2022 Season
After much listening, discussion, and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the World Concert until 2022. We want you to know our artists will miss performing for you and we know you will miss them too. We look forward to gathering together on the shores of Lake Tahoe, dancing and singing as ONE! Keep safe and keep dancing and singing for Peace One Day! See you in 2022 for the Trails & Vistas World Concert: A Peace Project of Truckee Tahoe.

Where do I get tickets?

Concert has been postponed to 2022 Season.
Phone orders: 1-800-747-4697

What should I expect at the World Peace Concert

Imagine your toes in the sand, a fantastic bottle of wine nearby, a gourmet meal in hand and first-class entertainment before you… all while basking in a perfect Lake Tahoe sunset with your friends and family. You’re not dreaming, you’re experiencing the enchantment of LTSF’s Showcase Series of the Trails & Vistas World Concert at Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.

Featuring a sonic journey around the world with music, dance, and performance painting. Persons of any gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, age or ability are welcome.  

Is food and drinks available?

The main gate opens at 5:30 p.m. allowing early access to the concession area which includes Shakespeare’s Kitchen & Bar and Trails & Vistas swag (our souvenir merchandise). This affords you the opportunity to mingle with family and friends before the performance. Dine at the picnic tables in the dining area or enjoy your meal at your seats. Either way, arrive early and enjoy a pre-show picnic, marvel at the awesome views of Lake Tahoe, or simply bask in the sunset glow.

You are welcome to bring your own picnic dinner and drinks.  Enjoy your picnic at our picnic tables or take your food to your seats. For picnicking at your seats in Lower, Upper, & Side Gallery, cooler size is limited to 14″ long x 9″ high x 10″ wide. Your cooler or bag/backpack should be able to fit between your feet to allow guests to safely pass in the aisles.  Due to space restrictions, coolers are not allowed in the Premium or Café Table seating section.

Directions to the World Concert

Do I have to pay for parking at Sand Harbor State Park?

Beginning with the 2019 season, a Nevada State Parks Entrance Pass (which may be purchased in advance or at the gate) will be required to gain access to and park at the Sand Harbor venue that Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival (LTSF) calls home for all LTSF events. The Trails & Vistas World Concert is the last LTSF showcase event of the season.

The new $10/per vehicle/per day Nevada State Parks Entrance Pass fee is required by Nevada law and all proceeds support Nevada’s State Parks. LTSF event-related Nevada State Parks Entrance Passes are valid on the date listed on the Pass only.

While LTSF does not benefit directly from Nevada State Parks Entrance Pass fees, we are pleased to afford our patrons the convenience of securing Nevada State Parks Entrance Passes in advance of their visits as part of our ticket purchasing processes. Pre-paid Entrance Passes are offered as a convenience. Entry to Sand Harbor’s parking lot is “first come, first served” and may be delayed as spaces become available pre-show.For complete information regarding Nevada State Parks Annual Passes/Permits, please visit: Questions related to park hours, entrance policies, etc. should be directed to or (775) 831-0494.

What time should I arrive and when does the concert end?

The main gate opens at 5:30 pm for access to our concession and theater for pre-performance gathering.   Upper and Side Gallery guests may want to arrive a little early to get settled in these first come first served sections. Music performances begin at 6:30 p.m. and end approximately 3  hours later, including a 15-minute intermission. Patrons arriving after the music has begun will be seated at the discretion of the House Manager. As a helpful reminder, it is very dark after the performance when getting back to your vehicle in the parking lot, so bring a flashlight to help you return to your car.

How do I get my tickets for the concert?

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival's phone ticket sales and customer service are available from 9am - 4pm PST, Monday through Friday.  Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival’s telephone ticket sales and customer service are available daily from 9am-5pm PST.  Please call 1.800.74 SHOWS (800-747-4697) to reach a friendly Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival representative to process your ticket purchase and/or answer any questions that you have about the World Concert.

What is the weather like in August?

The end of August in Tahoe is beautiful, Cool August nights has ideal conditions for an outdoor theater at Lake Tahoe. However, weather changes quickly in the Sierra. Temperatures in the summer months range from highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. The evenings can become chilly. Come prepared with layers to stay comfortable through the performance. Check the current weather conditions before starting out for the performance site.

Does the concert continue if it rains?

The show will go on in light rain, please plan and dress for the weather including a poncho, seat cover and warm/dry clothing.  In the unlikely event that a performance may be rescheduled due to weather.  If you have questions about this policy please call (775) 832-1616.  Management will take into consideration many factors when assessing the situation that presents itself during the evening of the show. Please note the general rain policy that follows. Management reserves the right to alter the policy as necessary.  Should there be rain prior to curtain the World Concert coordinators are prepared to hold for rain up to one half hour. If the rain has stopped to a point where the equipment can be dried, the performance will occur. If the rain has not stopped by half hour after scheduled curtain time, after consultation with stage and house management, the show will be cancelled, musicians, patrons and crew will be dismissed. There are no refunds due to weather.  Please note this is a general rain policy; Festival management reserves the right to alter the policy as necessary.

What if I use a wheelchair?

Wheelchair and accessible seating is available at LTSF, as are assisted listening devices.  Please call the Box Office to order your tickets and make these arrangements at 1-800-74-SHOWS.

TICKETS FOR WORLD CONCERT AT SAND HARBOR STATE PARK, LAKE TAHOECommunity Partner: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival Showcase Series PERFORMANCE VENUE: Warren Edward Trepp Stage, Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe NV State Park, 2005 Highway 28, Incline Village, NV 89451
TIX: 1-(800) 747-4697

Can I bring cameras or flashlights?

Cameras and photos are ok prior to the performance; however, capturing photos, video, or audio during the performances is strictly prohibited due to Equity Artists’ rules.

We recommend that you bring a flashlight in order to return to your car safely after the performance.

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