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“I’m a grandmother on a mission. For a while now, I have been thinking about what kind of legacy I can leave my grandchildren? As a student of life, I have noticed when calm minds come together around solutions and results we create a more fair and stable world. This is my objective: to create a kinder world for my grandchildren and all the children of this world.

To accomplish this mission, I have gathered a team of remarkable educators, web builders and marketers to build the Life Ingredients platform. In its initial form, we are teaching students to calm their minds, providing them with tools to exercise critical thinking and hone essential social & emotional skills to help them respect life and live it well.”

– Deb Kelly

Deb is a life teacher who shares life’s truths through humor and inspiration. In addition to serving as the marketing manager for her family’s Kelly Brother’s Painting business and founding an inspirational service “,” she is an integral part of Trails & Vistas’ allure.

After raising four free spirited children, Deb looked at her life (an empty house, a blaring TV, an ex husband, no job) and said, “Adios.” At 53, she sold everything she owned and left Toledo, Ohio. With her dog by her side, her worldly goods in a backpack, and a sense of adventure, she began walking miles across America. She explains, “This trip was with wild abandon, I never trained, I was homeless, close to penniless and my blood pressure was sky-high from the fear I felt deep within of the unknown...I was driven to take the first step on a journey of a lifetime...This walk was the beginning of rearranging my life.” Walking miles across America, Deb experienced the graciousness and curiosity of the human spirit and the American people. In the days walking along the highways and nights camping she

began to let go of her fears and to trust something inside. She rearranged herself. She has created a thriving business with her family, enjoys her eight grandchildren and lives the life she used to dream about. Deb’s unorthodox stories draw interest and intrigue. She makes people smile and inspires a twinkle in their eyes. Her spirit infuses joy and wonder into Trails & Vistas art hikes.

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