Watercolor painter, community outreach

Romina Branje

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“We need to talk and share stories in one’s native language to grow and learn about each other’s culture. The goal is integration, to offer opportunities for everyone, to grow with creativity and move forward for individual’s wellness, and build a more integrated community." - Romina Branje

Romi's paintings bring a splash of color to life. Romi is from southern Chile, she grew up on the big Island of Chiloe. Her father was a watercolor painter, as well as her siblings. Romi moved to America as an adult and has been living in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area for over 20 years. She loves animals and likes to bring them to life through her paintings. Romi has a lively personality and likes to make people happy, spreading joy with her colorful paintings. Outside of the art world, Romi is very involved with the community, working with children and helping others.

Community Outreach

Taking kids outdoors to create, discover, and learn with the Dreaming Tree Field Trips.
Community art and dance workshops

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